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Do you find the following issues with your air conditioning unit?

  1. Heat pump or air conditioner is more than 10 years old.  Consider replacing an air conditioning unit that old with a high-efficiency model.  When installed correctly, high-efficiency units can have a dramatic impact on your electric bill and end up paying for themselves over time.
  2. Does Equipment needs frequent repairs?  Frequent repairs are a sign that your old unit has reached the end of its life.  Continuing to pay for more repairs is only prolonging the inevitable.  The sooner you replace your ac unit in this condition, the sooner your energy bills will improve, which can end up paying for the new system and saving you money in the future.
  3. Your Energy bills are very high.  Your air conditioning unit can make up as much as 60% of your utility bill each month.  Older, inefficient systems use more electricity to deliver the same result as current high-efficiency units do.  It is not uncommon for our customers to report dramatic drops in their energy bills after we install their new system.

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